– a seminar on how to make the food system consistent with Human Rights.

The right to adequate food is a human right. Still, more than 800 million people suffer from hunger, while half a billion suffer from obesity. Small scale farmers feed the majority of the world’s population. Still the current global food system does not support their rights. Instead, policies both on national, regional and international levels support investments in large scale industrial agriculture. Small scale farmers and social movements all over the world resist by developing sustainable alternatives to this dominant paradigm, both on policy and practical levels. Some of them will be with us for the Swedish Forum for Human Rights in order to deepen the discussion and understanding of complex and urgent issues that are key to fulfil the right to adequate food.

María Canil, La Via Campesina, Guatemala. Small scale farmer.

Torgny Östling, NOrdBruk/Vía Campesina, Sweden, Small scale farmer.

Sylvia Kay, researcher at The Transnational Institute (TNI), Holland.

Mr. A. Kathit, Executive director, Evidence, India. Human Rights organization.

Mary Sakala, Rural Women Assembly, Zambia. Small scale farmer.

Pat Mooney, Executive Director for ETC Group, Canada. Right Livelihood Award laureate.

Moderator: Erik Halkjaer, journalist at DN Global Utveckling.

Time: November 17th at 13:00 – 14:30.

Place: Swedish Human Rights Forum, Malmö Live, High Live 1.

For more information on the guests you can find on MR-dagarnas website.

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